Saturday, November 17, 2012

Let's Talk Turkey!

My Superhero isn't really a craft-type kid.  When I try to do a craft with him, I usually end up doing it myself.  However, he does like to decorate for whatever holiday is closest.  If the craft is easy and doesn't take a lot of time, he's very happy to help make decorations.  This turkey definitely qualifies as fast and easy.

brown and white construction paper
fall leaves (I got a package of 32 at my local grocery store for about$0.89.)
scotch tape
glue stick

I used a can of beans to trace the circle out of construction paper.  I then taped three leaves to the back of the circle.

I wanted to hang my turkeys up, so I wanted the to have faces on both sides.  I taped another brown circle on the back of the turkey so they looked the same from both front and back.

I cut out eyes from white construction paper, and then cut out a beak and a a wattle for each side from orange and red leaves. (For each double sided turkey: 4 eyes, 2 beaks, 2 wobbles.)  And yes, the red hangy-down thing on a turkey is called a wattle.  I googled it. :)
You can use a glue stick to put on the face.  I didn't have a glue stick (that wasn't completely dried up), so I used glue for the eyes and doubled over pieces of scotch tape for the beaks and wattles.

This is my Superhero's turkey.  Isn't he cute?
 I then used yarn to hang the turkeys on the chandelier over our table

Now our house is decorated, my Superhero and Angel are happy, and the turkeys can knock my husband in the head and drive him crazy!  That's a win on all counts!

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  1. Very cute and simple. will have to try this one. <3