Thursday, February 14, 2013


This year I decided to try to make my Superhero's Valentines.  Fortunately, it wasn't nearly as difficult as I had anticipated!  

I love these little finger flashlights.  You can get a bunch of them for very cheap on Amazon. (here is the link)  I thought it would be really cute to try to use them in Valentines instead of candy.  Then I had the idea to use one of them for Mater's one working headlight.  Since my boys are currently subscribing to a daily ritual of watching 'Mater's Tall Tales,' this seemed perfect.  But I wasn't sure how to make it so it would work right.  

After all, it would have to be 3D in some way in order to hold the flashlight in position.  
I went ahead and ordered the flashlights without knowing for sure how to make it work.  Then when I got them, for once everything worked perfectly, and it was very easy.  I drew and colored Mater, and then copied him for all the Valentines.  With some tape and a glue stick, he was looking fab.  His eyes are attached at the back and the hood sticks out in a sort of triangle that allows enough room to tape the flashlight underneath.  With the little switch on the side, his headlight turns on.  

My Superhero loved them and of course, had to make one for himself too.
 It was a little time-consuming to put them all together, but not bad at all.

If anyone wants to make these, just send me a message.  I can save you some trouble and send you the Mater template and answer any questions you may have. :)