Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Oh, Christmas Tree

 We had to replace the turkeys with some Christmas trees to hang on our chandelier.  These are pretty easy and look really cute.  It's kind of hard to see in a picture, but the effect is that they look 3D.

My secret to making perfect Christmas trees?
I used a cookie cutter!
I traced two Christmas trees on cardstock and cut them out.  I also cut a yellow star out of cardstock.  I gave two trees each to my Superhero and Angel and let them decorate them with markers.  They need to be decorated on both sides.  I then cut one tree in a line up from the bottom to the middle and the other tree down from the top to the middle.  I taped the star to the top of the tree that has the bottom cut.

 I then slid the two trees together--the top line of one tree going through the bottom line on the other.  I used a tiny bit of tape at the top and bottom to make the trees stay in the perpendicular positions where I wanted them.  For the bottom part, I put a piece of tape on each of the four corners (as in the picture below) to secure it.

 End result

 I then taped a piece of string to the star to hang it from the chandelier.